SOLNCE: is abbreviation for Specialized Olympiad and Science Center

SOLNCE is a school for pupils who are especially interested in science.

A platform for the propagation of intellectual activity is being developed in the SOLNCE School.

One of the major innovative components of the School concept is the importance of high self-estimation of pupils regarding their scientific success. This may be achieved via research activities, high success rate at olympiads and conferences, as well as via excellent records in school subjects.

Highly enthusiastic tutors will work with the intellectually-motivated pupils. We are planning extensive involvement of bright pedagogues, scientists and culturals for educational purposes.

The SOLNCE School is located next to Kazan University. Our address is Kavi Nadzhmi str., 18.

e-mail:, phone: 2924190, 2924260, Skype paavo.shmakov

The Principal of the SOLNCE School is Pavel Shmakov 

Pupils every year
Average points for state exams
Hours of Education
Teachers for 130 pupils

The Board of Trustees for the SOLNCE School

  • Olesya Aleksandrovna Baltusova, Assistant to the President of Tatarstan,
  • Ildar Burhanovič Badriev, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, Professor at the Department of computational mathematics, Kazan University
  • Nikolai Belyaev, head of the Chamber Choir “Preobrazhenie”,
  • Airat Shamilevich Bik-Bulatov, poet and associate professor at Kazan University, a member of the Union of journalists of Russia,
  • Lija Mikhailovna Zagidullina, honored artist of Russia, a member of the International Federation of journalists, Member of the International Academy of Television and Radio, the head of national broadcasting at the State TV and Radio company “Tatarstan”,
  • Julia Yakovlevna Ziganshina, singer, winner of the international competition “Romansiada”, laureate of the all-Russia contest of young performers of Russian Romance “Romansiada-98″, winner of 32nd Grušinski Festival (2005),
  • Mikhail Paveliev, PhD (Animal Physiology), University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Alexander Georgievich Radov, writer, sociologist, television producer, academician of the Academy of Russian television STAR
  • Vladislav Redûhin, moderator of the Russian Internet Pedagogue Concil (
  • Valentina Alekseevna Sochneva, Director of the Physics-Mathematics Summer School “Quantum”, Associate Professor at Kazan University, Honoured Teacher of Russia.
  • Artem Dmitrievich Tyurin, Chief Editor of the “Tatarstan” magazine
  • Maria Stein, TV presenter, information channel “NTV Morning”

What Else? The following publications represent some results of the Finnish period of Pavel Shmakov’s pedagogic activities starting from 2000.

Shmakov started teaching at Finnish secondary schools in 2004 and was enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Helsinki in 2006 at first under supervision of Professor Erkki Pehkonen, and then under supervision of Professor Markku Hannula, Department of Teacher Education

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